La Jeunesse

Volume 54 contains contributions to a special section on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the journal La Jeunesse (Xin Qingnian 新青年), founded in Shanghai in September 1915.

CHAN Hok Yin Revisiting the Discourse of the May Fourth Movement in Hong Kong
Joseph CIAUDO Replacer Chen Duxiu dans son vocabulaire:
La Nouvelle Jeunesse et le problème de la culture chinoise

General section:

SUN Jiang Representing Religion: “Chinese Religions”
at the 1893 Chicago World Parliament of Religions
NAKAJIMA Takahiro Christianity in East Asia as Transnational Concept
LIU Wei Memoiren als Widerspiegelung der Zeitgeschichte:
Die Beziehungen zwischen der Republik China und dem Dritten Reich
Sarah KIRCHBERGER Taiwan as Utopia? Mainland Chinese Perceptions of Taiwan’s
Postwar Transformation in the History Monthly Yanhuang Chunqiu
Oliver WEINGARTEN “Self-Cultivation” (Xiu Shen 修身) in the Early Edited Literature:
Uses and Contexts
Andrej FECH The Protagonists of the Wenzi in Light of Newly Discovered Materials
Martin GIMM Die Familie von der Gabelentz und Franz Liszt: Einige Addenda
Martin GIMM Zwei Briefe von Wilhelm Grube an Georg von der Gabelentz