ORIENS EXTREMUS 56 and 57 are coming!


ORIENS EXTREMUS is pleased to announce the publication of two new issues in 2020:


ORIENS EXTREMUS 56 has already been published. It contains a thematic focus on Max Weber in China, guest-edited by Max Fölster from the Max Weber Foundation in Beijing. Further articles include a heretofore unpublished 1986 speech by Liu Xiaobo in transcription and German translation. This is the full list of contents:

Max FÖLSTER Introduction
SU Guoxun 苏国勋 Max Weber’s Thought in China
Hans VAN ESS The Weber Paradox – Or: What Max Weber Actually Said about Confucianism and Capitalism
Thomas FRÖHLICH Max Weber’s Diagnosis of Modernity and its Relevance for Post-Imperial China
Hoyt Cleveland TILLMAN Chinese Responses to Max Weber’s Study of Confucianism and Daoism: Yü Ying-Shih as a Significant Example
George Kam Wah MAK 麥金華 Missionary Sources Of Max Weber’s The Religion Of China
Amelia Ying QIN 秦瓔 Particularly Unusual, Definitely True: Anecdotes as Political Criticism in the Late Tang Miscellany Songchuang Zalu 
Martin GIMM P. Athanasius Kircher S.J. und die beiden großen Glocken von Beijing und Erfurt
Hans KÜHNER Eine Promenade in Shanghai: Die illustrierte Zeitschrift Liangyou huabao (“The Young Companion”) im Frühjahr 1927
Chun-Yip LOWE 婁振業 Postmetaphysical Thinking and Subjectivity: On Lao Sze-Kwang’s History of Chinese Philosophy
Hans KÜHNER Vorbemerkung zu Liu Xiaobos Vortrag vor Studierenden der Universität Peking, Dezember 1986
LIU Xiaobo 刘晓波 (tr. by Stefan CHRIST) Liu Xiaobos Vortrag vor Studierenden der Universität Peking, Dezember 1986


ORIENS EXTREMUS 57 will present a special section on Marxism in East Asia and beyond. Despite the crisis of the Marxist paradigm after the fall of the Soviet Union, Marxism- Leninism remains an important legacy in China and Korea, with Japanese intellectuals having played a major role as transmitters in the past. The thematic focus will be introduced by guest editor Yvonne Schulz Zinda and includes eight articles:

Korea Vladimir TIKHONOV The Birth of Korean Academic Marxism: Pak Ch’iu (1909-49) and his Philosophical Critique of Right-Wing Totalitarianism
Tae-kyung KIM Representations of War and Peace in the 1950s North Korean Literature
China Federico BRUSADELLI A Harmonious Dialectic – Tang Yijie 汤一介 (1927-2014) and the “Confucianization” of Marxism
Polina KOMAROVSKAYA Marxism-Leninism Ideologists Images in the Chinese 20th Century Political Poster and Their Place in the Mao Zedong Personality Cult
Adrian KRAWCZYK Celebrating the Bicentennial of Marx’s Birth in China – An Analysis of Xi Jinping‘s Speech and Official Media Coverage
Rui KUNZE Writing Workers in Postsocialist China: Worker Poetry and Its New Left Reception
Anna STECHER New Dramaturgies about China’s First Marxist: A Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Biographical Plays on Li Dazhao
Japan Morita SEIYA Marxism and Trotsky in Pre-War Japan