Power, Politics, and the State


Yuri PINES Social Engineering in Early China:
The Ideology of the Shangjun shu (Book of Lord Shang) Revisited
Kai VOGELSANG Getting the Terms Right:
Political Realism, Politics, and the State in Ancient China
R. A. H. KING Along the Grain:
yi 義 (“Justice”) in the Xunzi
Armin SELBITSCHKA A Tricky Game:
A Re-evaluation of Liubo 六博 Based on Archaeological and Textual Evidence
LI Gongzhong 李恭忠

[tr. by Stefan CHRIST]

History in Three Flavors:
The Kangxi Emperor and the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum
Pablo A. BLITSTEIN A New China in Mexico:
Kang Youwei and his Languages of Cohesion-Making on the Two Sides of the Pacific (1895–1911)
Martin GIMM Corrigendum zu „Die Familie von der Gabelentz und Franz Liszt: Einige Addenda“